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Our Services

BVR Investment is very pedantic about treating each client as an independent entity, as no two clients or their situations the same. Each client’s issues, goals and desires are carefully studied and analyzed before we decide to move ahead with them. We strongly believe that chemistry, passion and transparency are critical to building long term relationships. With these values in mind, BVR has spent years cultivating relationships, while gaining valuable experiences and building a wealth of knowledge which benefit all of their clients.

With decades of experiences, our team of advisors assist individuals and SME’s to provide comprehensive solutions, service, and structures which are tailor made to their complex needs.

  • Opportunity Sourcing
  • Due Diligence
  • Fund Management Structuring
  • Fund Allocation Management
  • Capital Market Trade Platforms
  • Due Diligence, Verification and Valuation
  • Investment Preparation
  • Structuring
  • Fund Raising/Networking
  • Negotiations
Full service executive, staff, research and marketing teams
  • We facilitate and monitor networking between our clients where they can act as buyers or sellers, depending on the situation.
  • Our services go further beyond representing our clients in negotiating, agreement consultation and site surveying. We work hand in hand with them to maximize their potential and install confidence.

As part of any business cycle, contraction and recession always happen in an unpredictable manner, often catching our clients unprepared. Our business restructuring services analyze and re-arrange our clients’ management process, marketing structure, and production/products.

  • Our team analyzes variables which assists in planning corporate horizontal and vertical development.
  • Managing our client’s business risk exposure is essential in maintaining the sustainability of the opportunity
  • We afford our clients investor relationships which have taken years to build, for their capital and financial support.
  • We carefully analyze and address our client’s financial problems and advice them on possible solutions accordingly.
  • In our management advisory services, we take over our client’s management temporarily until the client stabilizes. During this period we educate the good business practices which the client should follow. We then return the management back.
  • In some cases, we cooperate together with the client in joint management operations; where we place our management team concurrently with the client’s management team control the day to day operations for a longer period of time.
  • We offer creative, out of the box, as well as traditional solutions and structures which can be implemented into our clients’ development program.
  • The client’s development program may also consist of a blend of both types of solution.

Key Performance of Advisory

Majority Creditor Approvals

Accomodating requests from large creditors by submitting a restructuring plan that is reasonable to obtain restructuring approval.

Analyze Business Issues Appropriately

Analysis causes of business problem both internal and external and analysis financial indicators can show the issues and concern to be addressed.

Sharing Pain

Sharing pain between shareholders and creditors in order to come to an restructure agreement.

Consistency & Speed

The longer the restructuring process, the higher the level of hurdles that must be overcome.


Valuation is the essence of agreement restructuring.

Management And Stakeholders

Support from all stakeholders is essential. make it clear to them why certain steps are unavoidable and what changes are to come.

“Value investing is the best way to invest in pension plan, where you buy the business and not the share price”

- Corporate Insight

“Value investing is the best way to invest in pension plan, where you buy the business and not the share price”​

- Corporate Insight​